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2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

Paul Snodgrass, David Gish & Dr. Jesse DeLee

2014 Hall of Fame Banquet Pics


2013 Student Trainer Workshop was a huge success.

To view some pictures from the workshop, check out our FaceBook page (and Like It)






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Executive Board Members

President: Paul Steinhoff, Canyon Lake HS

Vice-President: Vanessa Smith, Madison HS

Secretary:  Quinn Thomas, Lee HS

Treasurer:  Yvette Perez, Burbank HS

Past President: Chad Sutherland, MacArthur High School



Contests:  Jenn Dodge, Johnson HS

Paige Martin, Independent

Historian: John Young


Public Relations:  Tim Moore, Johnson HS

Scholarships:  Marc Powell, Trinity University

Fundraising/Door Prizes: Katie Steinhoff, NEISD

Hall of Fame:Tim Kloewer, Stevens HS

Symposium: Rodney Murray, Smithson Valley HS

College Liason: Brian Coulumbe, Texas Lutheran University