2015 – Rodney Murray, Smithson Valley High School

Murray - Service Award 2015

2016 – Tim Moore, Johnson High School

Moore - Service Award 2016

2018 – Chad Sutherland, MacArthur High School


2019 – Tim Kloewer, Stevens High School

Service Award Kloewer


AAATA Service Award Nomination Form   pdf logo

AAATA Service Award
The AAATA Athletic Training Service Award was created to honor local Athletic Trainers
that have shown selfless dedication to the profession and attention to the importance of
community and organizational involvement.
Candidates must meet the following criteria:
􀂾 Must have at least 15 years of service to the profession
􀂾 Must have worked in the San Antonio area for at least 5 years
􀂾 Elected, appointed, or volunteer service or significant contributions to the AAATA
􀂾 Must be AAATA member in good standing
􀂾 AAATA Hall of Fame members are not eligible
Nomination process:
􀂾 Must be nominated by a AAATA member in good standings
􀂾 Sponsoring Athletic Trainer must present a nomination letter
􀂾 Candidate must complete application following nomination