Hall of Fame Members

11 HoF Inductees

Class of 2011 – Inaugural

Charles ‘Charlie’ Cortez

Edward ‘Eddie’ Mizicko

Kaye Cosby

Bernie LaReau

Rex Hartwig

John Young

William ‘TR’ St. Charles

Dr. Robert E. Patton

HOF 2012 Group - Newsletter

Class of 2012

Jim DeLaCruz

Juan Leal

Raymond Ramirez

Paul Rost

Dr. Jack Henry (Honorary Inductee)


Class of 2014

David Gish

Paul Snodgrass

Dr. Jesse DeLee (Honorary Inductee)

Dr. David Schmidt (Honorary Inductee)

HOF class of 16

Class of 2016

John Andersen

Mary Lou Vertetis

Mark Blake (Honorary Inductee)



  1. 20 or more years as an AAATA member; or a non-member who has contributed extraordinary services to the AAATA and/or the Athletic Trainers of the Alamo area.
  2. The perspective candidate has contributed significant services to the AAATA that enabled the association to function and flourish.
  3. Nominated by a current AAATA Hall of Fame member.
  4. Voted upon by the Hall of Fame membership.
  5. Name must appear on 75% of the Hall of Fame ballots submitted.
  6. Results will be presented to and approved by the current AAATA Executive Board.